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Get Certified Organic Farmers to fulfil all your food & raw material needs.

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Connect with 'Farmer Producer Organizations' a collective group of certified organic small and marginal farmers to increase productivity of raw food requirements.

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Find merchants in organic field with a broad portfolio and unique capabilities for sourcing and selling organic products.

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Get Processors, the one who oversees processing and handling of organic food. Operations is a major aspect of a Processor.

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Now find buyers interested in an array of certified organic products.

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Organic Consultant

Find Specialists in all areas of organic production, implementation, organic certifications & international organic standards.

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Organic Input Company

Now get Organic Certified Inputs such as fertilizers, soil conditioners, plant protection products, disinfectants and more used for organic farming.

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Packaging Company

Find Packagers with the art and technology of enclosing or protecting organic products for distribution, storage, sale, and use.

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Logistic Company

Find logisticians who analyze and co-ordinate the organic supply chain - the system that moves a certified organic product from supplier to consumer.

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Farm Equipment Company

Get farm equipment suppliers who deal in machines, tools, or equipment needed to do the organic agricultural tasks right.

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Find exhibitors who display organic products of interest at various exhibitions.

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Find various shops and retailers who sell certified organic products for a healthy living.

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Find labs who do scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement of organic products.

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Government Agencies

Find a number of government organizations and agencies who offer various services and solutions in organic field.

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Find various institutions with educational, professional or social purpose of organic field.

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Certification Agencies

Get certification agencies who expertize in the policies and standards of certification process of organic products.

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Find restaurants and hotels who need certified organic products to serve healthy dishes to their beloved customers.

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Find 'Non-Profit Organizations' that operate with a purpose to address the public about organic products, promoting a healthy nation.

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