A Green Success Story Unfolds On A Farm At Barmer, Rajasthan

Posted by Organic Team on November 12, 2021

Started its journey in 2020, Megharam Choudhary who hails from a farming background, since last five years is working hard towards organic farming in a traditional way that is free from chemicals and harmful pesticides. His vision is to improve the life of farmers, serve farm prosperity, and offer organic foods to the people, and progress towards a sustainable environment is phenomenal.

He completed his post-graduation in agriculture management from the National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management, Hyderabad. Before starting his journey into Shiv Organics he was working in National Bulk Handling Corporation Pvt Ltd (True North Group Company) as a Cluster Head, Gujarat, and associated with the management team to gain knowledge about agriculture requirements, modern techniques, and what best practices and he can adapt for better farming and ways which he can help farmers.

This is where his vision to progress towards green farming took wings. He established Shiv Organics and connected with the farmers across the Barmer and Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan and did door-to-door (Farm to Farm) visits and studied the current farming techniques in depth. During his visits, he observed that farmers have moved away from traditional farming and have started adopting chemicals, pesticides in farming. It was then he started a mission to motivate farmers to get back to roots and adapt to organic practices. He guided them on problems in their crops, educated them, and made them aware of the government schemes.

Because of these efforts many farmers have returned back to traditional farming and have joined hands towards sustainable farming.

“Self belief and hard work will always earn you success”

To make this journey future-ready and successful, he is working towards organic farm practices in backward integration programs. His vision is to Connect with 5000+ farmers & 100 villages and convert them to complete organic farming by 2025.

  • He wants farmers to shift towards technology and wants to develop app-based registrations with real-time problem detection to help them on every step.
  • He also plans to connect the farmers to the concept of “Village Farm Tourism” so that village people do not migrate to the city, and in return, employment can be created in the village, so that migration from Rural to Urban areas can be stopped.

Emphasis is on attempts to improve the living standard of small and marginal farmers through fair trade practices. As a company, he wants to extend his presence worldwide as a leading producer and supplier of genuine and certified organic products with superior quality.