Rishabh Panchamia The Young Entrepreneur Promoting Organic Food

Posted by Organic Team on November 29, 2019

Hi , My name is Rishabh Panchamia & I’m 25 years old . I run a start-up called “ The Organic Culture” with my uncle Mr Abhay Panchamia . How I jumped into organic sector is very interesting , because I’m a civil engineer by qualification & have no connection with the food industry.

But Right from childhood I loved to stay closely with nature  & was passionate to do something for the environment .  But I had no clue on how could I contribute , which would really make a difference in others life & also to the environment .

One day , My uncle came up to me & introduced me to this emerging company called “ MeraKisan”

I got intrigued by the name itself . I got curious & contacted them immediately   .  That conversation embarked the journey of “The Organic Culture” .  After the conversation I thought it was a great idea to join hands with this company & promote organic food .  Some of you might be aware of the food adulteration these days & the farming practices  . Our food is complimented with so many chemicals & pesticides which are extremely dangerous in the long run .  So I had this opportunity to make people aware to eat natural , stay healthy & contribute to the mother nature . 

I inaugurated  the organic retail store on 30th March 2019  & it has been a rollercoaster ride so far .

There are challenges , there are set backs , but we are not giving up neither is MeraKisan  . Somehow there is a sense of satisfaction in this line of work & I’m fortunate to be working with such a wonderful company called “ MeraKisan “ which is led by Mr . Prashant Patil who is working tirelessly to promote organic food .

I hope to keep pushing myself & make people more aware to go ORGANIC!