Is Organic Food Items Safe For Children?

Posted by Organic Team on November 14, 2019

is it safe to feed the children whatever you are eating? Or should you shift towards organic food items for them so that it can stay healthy and strong? Since the day your baby started eating solids, you must be constantly wondering what to feed him/her. Read on to know more…

Real organic food for children

Food items that are given to children should be grown without any kind of growth hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics are termed as organic. These foods are safe for them as these do not expose the young children to harmful chemicals and pesticides. Thus, the children that eat real organic food have a better immune system as compared to the ones who eat conventionally grown food products.

According to many nutritionists, pesticides, and chemical –laden food products often cause health risks in children. It can even lead to neuro-developmental damages in them. That is the reason it is important for the parents to switch to naturally grown food products as much as possible.

What if organic food is expensive?

Growing organic food is labor intensive and thus, you may find the food grains and other items at slightly higher prices as compared to conventionally grown food items. However, when it comes to your child, you should always value quality over quantity.

According to FSSAI, organic food items are grown under a specific system of agriculture and do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These are also often obtained from organically produced raw materials. The organization also ensures that the organic products should convey accurate and full information on the organic status of any kind of food products sold in the market.

Look for a good store

You must ensure that you are choosing to purchase food items from a reputed online organic food store. So, searching for such a store is of utmost importance. You must start looking for a store well in time before your child starts eating solids. This will give you enough time to look for a suitable store that offers the best quality real organic food at the best prices.