Organic Food Exports from India Rise by 50%

Posted by Organic Team on February 21, 2020

The growing trend for organic food products worldwide increased organic farming in India. The organic food exports from India increased by 50% to INR 5,151 crore in FY 2018-19.

The Growth

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development (APEDA) declared that exports of organic food produce stood at Rs 5151 crore as against Rs 3,453 crore in 2017-18. The export volume in 2018-19 was 6.14 million tonnes.  India produced 2.67 million tonnes of certified organic products which include oilseeds, rice, sugar cane, cereals and millets, pulses, fruits, spices, vegetables, dry fruits, tea, and coffee. Moreover, India produced organic cotton fiber. Domestic demand for agricultural organic produce is around Rs 2500 crore. In addition, India witnessed a two fold increase in demand is accounted for chemical and pesticide-free produce.

The most demanded organic food products include soybean, sesame, flax seeds, pigeon pea, red gram, tea, and some medicinal plants. Organic product’s major destinations include the USA, Switzerland, Canada, the European Union, Australia, and Israel. In addition, Germany is one of the biggest importers of organic products from India while there is a good demand in Taiwan, South Korea, and Canada.